Co-creation facilitator training

Training of (future) facilitators of co-creation processes

Co-creation is a powerful way to deal with ‘wicked problems’ and to build relationships between groups and individuals that will last well beyond the scope of a project.

Co-creation is an innovative and participatory process which aims to create shared ownership of a project between institutions and community partners. Any project that is too complex for a simple top-down approach can benefit hugely from co-creation. There may be many interdependencies, or different stakeholders that might not be able or willing to articulate their position, or a context which is subject to sudden change. Co-creation will give you a better understanding of the problems you’re trying to address and of all stakeholders involved. It will ensure that your project has the buy in from everybody involved. In this context, many organisations and professionals are looking for ways to implement a co-creative approach. This training will help you define a co-creation strategy for your own organisation.

Working in co-creation with stakeholders is a strategic choice and requires an open mind set. In the training we will explore the characteristics of a co-creation trajectory and actively use selected (creative) methods, activities and formats that will help build a practice of public engagement. The training will empower participants to work in new ways, and to continually redefine their role in society, remaining relevant and dynamic in the face of changing societal values and challenges. The training is a co-creation process itself so be prepared to be hands-on about your ambition to co-create!

The methodology underlying the training is mainly rooted in design thinking and more specifically based on Waag’s ‘Users as Designers’ methodology, the behavioural change methodology we developed in the EU funded project Decarbonet and the Train the trainer sessions we organised in the EU funded Big Picnic and Cities-4-People projects.

Practical information

Co-creation facilitator training:
The training takes three full days.
Maximum 20 participants.
Costs depend on the number of participants and are available on request.

Objective of co-creation training

The objective of the training is to enable each participant to work co-creatively with existing and new audiences. Co-creation enables professionals to co-operate with and learn from others, to build a connection between groups that would not normally meet, to raise awareness and sensitivity towards important issues and to build relationships between groups and individuals that will last well beyond the scope of a project. This requires certain (right) mindsets and communication skills.

Co-creation activities are driven by exchange of diverse ideas and values, are not hypothesis-led, but guided by a process of continuous discovery. Though co-creation isn’t necessarily a linear process there definitely is a structure for guidance. The training will help you perform at your best as it guides you through the different stages of co-creation, from preparation to execution. You will learn how to build your team, how to get in the right frame of mind and how to remain innovative throughout the co-creation process.

The training consists of:

  • access to a repository of (existing) methods and tools, offering you a vast and growing repertoire of activities.
  • A learning by doing approach, in which you explore and reflect on different elements before you execute them.

  • Group coaching, to allow participants to share knowledge, insights and experiences between them, as such, creating a shared learning process between all participants.

  • Personal coaching, guiding you through the process, offering expected and unexpected inputs and exercises relevant for the stage you’re in.

  • Support a critical look at your own ability as an organization to engage in co-creation and to explore the skills you need

The training is supported by a workbook, focussed on designing enabling environments, which are the optimal circumstances for encouraging and supporting new behaviour, and an online tool, the co-creation navigator.

Co-creation for your organisation

We can develop a tailor-made co-creation training for your organisation. Explore the possibilities or discuss a specific question.

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Who can follow this workshop

  • Professionals wishing to engage in co-creation with a diverse group of stakeholders. First timers will learn about co-creation (methods and mind sets) and people more experienced in co-creation can explore new methods
  • Participants bring their own ideas ranging from enriching the stories a museum tells, enhancing the understanding between the different worlds we inhabit or to change the way an organisation programs its future events.

Required (pre)knowledge

  • Intention of engaging in a co-creation trajectory at your own organisation; come with a specific idea to the training, so the team gains experience in working co-creatively on their own topics
  • Bring your own computer


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Meia Wippoo
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