Introduction to co-creation workshop

How can co-creation help your organisation?

Co-creation is a powerful way to deal with ‘wicked problems’, but what can it do for you specifically? In the workshop Waag experts share their knowledge, process and role in the outcomes of co-creative trajectories with the participants. The workshop explores hands-on how working co-creatively enables organisations to build a relationship with local communities and individuals, with new visitors, with young people or with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Practical information

Introduction to co-creation workshop:
Time: half a day.
Maximum 20 participants.
Costs depend on the number of participants and are available on request.

About co-creation

In co-creation, values, ideas and assumptions are made explicit. People from all levels and walks of life are directly involved: professionals work together with young people, hobbyists, people from different cultural backgrounds or elderly people. Co-creative methods start from the idea that everyone is an expert on one issue or another, first and foremost on their own life. And that this expertise brings something new to your practice: it could enrich the stories a museum tells, it could enhance the understanding between the different worlds we inhabit or it could change the way an organisation hosts its future events. Different levels of expertise are equally valuable in co-creation; participants build a relationship and in that dialogue the exchange of ideas and values is vital.

Read about the co-creation ‘Train the trainers’ meeting Waag organised as part of the European project Big Picnic here


The methodology underlying the workshop is rooted in design thinking and more specifically in WAAG’s ‘Users as Designers’ methodology and the different social innovation projects Waag has done over the years.

Objective of the workshop

The objective of the training is to give participants a strong understanding of the possibilities of co-creation and to explore how participants can work co-creatively with existing and new communities. Though co-creation isn’t necessarily a linear process there definitely is a structure for guidance. In a learning by doing approach, the workshop will help participants understand the different stages of co-creation, from preparation to execution.

Co-creation for your organisation

We can develop a tailor-made co-creation workshop for your organisation. Explore the possibilities or discuss a specific question.

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Dick van Dijk
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Meia Wippoo
co-creation, playful learning and social innovation
Pam de Sterke
co-creation, bodily awareness, oriental medicine
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