CRISPR-cas workshop

Genetic manipulation of DNA

Inventions such as the CRISPR-Cas9 technique, that allows genetic manipulation of DNA, can have far-reaching consequences. Soon we will be able to ‘repair’ DNA and prevent diseases. But who will have access to this technique? Will an elite group of people create designer babies or will we all benefit? In this workshop we will conduct part of the CRISPR Cas experiment while discussing the ethics around genetic manipulation.

Biohacking at Waag

Biotechnological developments follow each other at a rapid pace. The simplicity and low costs of many techniques make it possible to apply biotechnology outside laboratories or research institutions and to carry out experiments. At Waag we explore, teach and collaborate on open design and the creative application of biomaterials with an international community.

In Waag’s biolab we are allowed to conduct experiments with some organisms. Are you interested in organising a workshop or experiment? We can develop a programme tailor-made to fit your organisation. Please get in touch for more information.

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Roland van Dierendonck
head of the BioHack Academy
Lucas Evers
head of the Open Wetlab