Digital experiments and creative techniques in exhibitions.

MuseumCamp is a two-day programme in which exhibition makers, educators and conservators explore the potential of digital experiments and creative techniques in exhibitions. Creatives will stay overnight in a museum and investigate new forms of public exhibitions. Participants will meet, explore, collaborate, discover and present during an inspiring evening and morning programme. MuseumCamp results in new exhibition formats for 21st century visitors. Discover the boundaries of your own creativity and experiment in a 48-hour span with various creative techniques that can be used for organizing exhibitions that want to interact with their audience.

MuseumCamp 2018

The previous edition of MuseumCamp took place in July 2018. Creatives gathered and stayed the night in the NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam. Have a look at the pictures of MuseumCamp 2018 here

Museumcamp 2019

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Why join MuseumCamp

MuseumCamp will invite you to reflect on the results of your work and the work of others – each participant will work on all themes and will evaluate each project. We will focus on learning by research, and research by learning. MuseumCamp will make you realise that modern museums are dynamic institutions that offer their visitors, as well as their curators and scholars, the opportunity to explore the stories in their collections.

In small groups, participants will work as a team on dramaturgy, audiodesign, and prototyping. You will be experimenting with new ways of interaction with the public, such as labs and live settings, guided by questions like: Why experimenting in a museum? How will visitors get involved? If you move away from tested and traditional ways of exhibiting, will new perspectives evolve? As a result, you will be developing innovative exhibitions, taking into account the challenges that present themselves along the way.

MuseumCamp for your organisation

Besides the annual MuseumCamp organised by Waag we can also develop tailor-made programmes for your organisation. Contact us to explore the possibilities or discuss a specific question.

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Frank Vloet
Dick van Dijk
storytelling, interaction design, playful learning and co-creation
Karien Vermeulen
Mariëlle Lens
Merel Boes