Linette Manuel

Collective Narratives

Collective Narratives is a project that explores the connections and narratives constructed within society, culture, and technology through an intimate performance. Linette Manuel, a diaspora child raised in both Czech and Angolan cultures, considers herself fortunate to have access to two distinct sources of wisdom. This project serves as her modest contribution to society. The project acknowledges the significant impact of cultural customs on the relationship between performers and audiences.

In Angola, Linette has observed a unique theatre culture characterized by a close bond between performers and audiences. Unlike traditional European theatres, the audience in Angola actively participates in the performance, and their inputs hold immense value. The performer adjusts the narrative based on the audience’s reactions, emotions, and desires.

Another crucial aspect of the project is the treatment of digital artifacts and their interpretation by future historians. Linette ponders whether these artifacts can serve as tools to create new narratives of truth. The dance performance aims to bring expressive cultural experiences into a more private realm. It provides individuals with a non-invasive way to engage in the narrative process by transforming their heart data into instruments that generate a unique melody. AI software refines the soundscape to create a pleasurable auditory experience for the dancer to dance to. The dancer, wearing a haptic bodysuit, responds to the audience through the sound generated by the suit. This performance creates a distinct story experience for the audience, where sound and touch replace words in the narrative.

Final Project Fabricademy 2022-2023 | #e-textile #wearable #3dprinting #danceperformance

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