Paulina Martina

Hearth Futures

What if we could create opportunities for future generations of students to start learning about the possibilities and applications of open source learning and the implications of material innovations?

Hearth Futures is the ABC of fashion technology. Paulina has developed Hearth as a merger between heart and earth to address the problem that the way the design sector is working is not following along the same lines as what is needed for the world. 

At Hearth Design Lab, Paulina has put together workshops which can be followed by senior secondary vocational education students to learn a new set of skills during a series of different sessions. The focus is on creating an own mindset; why do you do what you do and in which way? This coaching-centred approach is constructed to assist the bridging of technology and fashion to innovate traditional teaching methods.

The Hearth Design Lab teaches how to create interactive fashion and combine the physical with the digital.


Final Project Fabricademy 2020-21 | #biomimicry #digitalfabrication #modulardesign

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