Sven Michiels

What the Hegg?

In this project in progress Sven is working on an incubator with insulation grown by mycelium instead of other traditional insulation materials. Providing an insulation value of R-3 or R-4 per inch (1 inch is ± 2.5 cm) of thickness, mycelium can be used in applications such as insulation, structural insulating panels, accoustical tiles, and building blocks.

The plan is to make a cheap but durable incubator which has good insulation and low running costs. Since energy prices are going through the roof and traditional insulations are largely made from fossil fuels which are not a sustainable source forever, while mycelium can be. The exoskeleton is in the form of an egg, ade from four layered pieces of mm thick triplex wood because Sven likes eggs and it is an artistic-looking egg incubator after all.

Final project Biohack Academy 2023

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