Trainings for thought leaders, professionals, curious teachers and creative individuals that are looking for knowledge, inspiration or hands-on skills.


Intensive courses of multiple weeks on bio-technology, digital fabrication and new materials

Trainings and workshops

Multiple day professional courses or workshops on technological developments and DIY skills

Custom programmes

Tailor-made programmes and trainings

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Waag can develop tailor-made programmes for your organisation. Cost depend on the number of participants and are available on request. Please also contact us for any other questions.

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Speakers and moderators

Waag’s dedicated team of thinkers and makers empowers people to become active citizens through technology. We like to share our experience and expertise. Invite us as one of the speakers or as moderator at your conference, debate or other events.

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Marleen Stikker
technology and society
Dick van Dijk
storytelling, interaction design, playful learning and co-creation
Cecilia Raspanti
digital fabrication, new materials, bacteria dyeing
Miha Turšič
space culturalisation, science and art collaboration
Gijs Boerwinkel
community engagement
Christine van den Horn

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