About Waag Academy

Waag Academy is a place for thought leaders, professionals, curious teachers or creative individuals who are looking for knowledge, inspiration or hands-on skills.

For over 20 years, Waag has explored the social and cultural impact of technology. Through its projects, Waag encourages active citizenship, critical thinking, a DIY (do-it-yourself) mentality, and the application of these principles when designing innovative solutions.

Waag Academy bundles the key knowledge and methods garnered from the work of our Care, Code, Learn and Make research groups. Through our programmes and workshops, we involve the public in our core mission: make technology and society “open, fair and inclusive”.

The Waag Academy curriculum consists of various formats and has a wide range of themes, including the ethics of technology, design thinking, co-creation, and DIY practices. Explore the possibilities of critical citizenship by measuring and mapping air, sound and water quality. Or take a hands-on crash course about recent technological issues like, for example, the self-driving car, privacy, and big data. In our Labs (located in the Waag at Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam), we dive into the world of biotechnology, digital fabrication and new materials.

Tailor-made programmes

We can develop tailor-made programmes for your organisation. Cost depend on the number of participants and are available on request. Contact us to explore the possibilities.

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Waag Academy is run by an international team of thinkers and makers. Depending on the programma you are interested in we can organise it in Dutch or English.


On the middle of the Nieuwmarkt you can find us in of the oldest buildings of Amsterdam: the Waag. This unique building has several multifunctional spaces that can provide the perfect decor for a program or training. The Waag host the following labs:

  • Fablab Amsterdam provides tools and machines for digital fabrication.
  • TextileLab Amsterdam in which the future of the textile industry en new materials are explored.
  • Open Wetlab is a laboratory for open-source and creative biotechnology.

On request we can realize your program or training at the Waag or at a location of your choice.