Alessia Pasquini


KLEIS δύο, (from Greek κλείς-ιδός,ἡ), a trendbook, the key to enter new dimensions. This project is born out of the need of opening the doors to our interior, and in this way it’s key to reconnect with our senses through sensory stimuli presented via a material research of textiles and nontextiles. After a first publication in 2017, KLEIS returns with a second issue, presenting us a new approach to materials, made with new stimuli, new processes and fabrication techniques.

It presents the research and a development of samples, made and studied fully by Alessia, with the hope of welcoming a novel future which is more aware of recycling and bio-based-materials. The journey will go through the 3 phases of a material’s life: Past, Present and Future. “Let us be guided to a kinder future to the world and to human beings, but don’t forget to engage your senses, your eyes to look, your ears to listen and your hands to touch. Enjoy this experience.”

Final Project Fabricademy 2022-2023 | #biomaterial #trendresearch #digitalfabrication

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