Bente van Bourgondiën

Tide Clock

Your personal sea at home. The idea is to have a nice or even poetic visual representation of the actual tide of the sea. As there are many seas and shores in the world, I choose the sea in my hometown: Noordwijk.

It shows at the minumum the current tide. If time permits I can add a sunset and sunrise (maybe with light). Both parameters are (in their basis) calculatable: tides for exmample are dependent on the position of both moon and sun. I know that there are tables of sunset/sunrise, as there are tables of the tides. That means that it could be possible to make a basic offline version by storing these tables somehow on the PCB that I will hopefully learn to create.

Even better would be a version that has access to online data, for example the actual tide. And the weather, so the device could also give an idea about waves and wind.

Final Project Fab Academy 2022

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