Carolina Delgado

Nature-Based System for Food Packaging

Nature-Based System for Food Packaging, is a material driven study on seaweed bioplastics to develop a packaging system made to buy food in bulk, for a long life use. Creating reusable waterproof film and net bag that are homecompostable. Aware of the plastic pollution problems and textile waste concerns, Carolina chose to use alginate from the brown algae regarding invasive alien species (invasive macroalgae) ensuring sustainable exploitation of resources for food reusable packaging. For this she worked with alginate biofilms and bioplastic sheets using manual extrusion with a syringe (BioYarn) and threads of fibres coated with alginate. Making a  small study on blueberry ink for colouring the alginate, while developing open-source manual devices, one called the Alginator to coat yarns, plus a plywood laser 3D loom to create a spider web inspired groceries bag.

Final Project Fabricademy 2019-2020 #biomaterial #bioplastic #bioyarn #algae

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