Irene Caretti

The Gardener

The Cabinet of Undersea Memorabilia is the outcome of a two-part research projects. One part focussed on natural dyes. The other part focussed on the digitalisation and re-interpretation of sea creatures in the fashion field. The result is a made-to-measure cocktail dress and accessories that brings together accessible digital technologies and the value of haute couture.

The garment and the accessories embody part of the technical research conducted at the crossing between digital fabrication and craftsmanship. Technologies such as laser cutting and parametric design both translate and enhance the possibilities in fashion and accessory design. By speeding up and automatising repetitive and precise tasks, technologies allow us to create more accessible solution for a larger public. At the same time, crafts such as beads embroidery and hand dyeing, add the feeling of authenticity that we relate to handmade products.

Final Project Fabricademy 2018-2019 | #naturaldyes #crafts #lasercutting

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