Marieke van Eyndhoven

Matronae Lopica

This is a story about a historical, philosophical, spiritual, scientific, ecological, and practical journey undertaken by Marieke van Eyndhoven, a cheesemaker, through her beloved polder, the Lopikerwaard, in the Netherlands.

On the journey, Marieke discovered a universal wisdom by listening to the ancient whisper of the triple Goddess, the Matronae: “HARMONIOUS COEXISTENCE between HUMAN and NATURE through a dynamic state of GRADUAL TRANSITIONS is not only possible but a prerequisite for a next FERTILE FUTURE.”

The polder became an inspiration and a source of ingredients for Marieke to shape her own holy trinity, the Matronae Lopica. Bringing them to life became an act of:

  • Honoring the versatility of the polder and its people
  • Visualizing the passage of time and the existence of gradual transitions
  • Celebrating the harmonious coexistence between human and nature
  • Embracing the next fertile future

Marieke’s triple Goddess represents, embodies, and protects the combined energy of humans and nature in the Lopikerwaard. With their spirit in mind, she discovered, worked, crafted, grew, and fabricated.

“I clean, purify, and repurpose

I take and give back

I worship local

I search for coexistence at the material level

I use precious resources scarcely

I count my blessings”


Final Project Fabricademy 2022-2023 | #biomaterial #storytelling #naturaldyes #bioscoring #circularity

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