Stephanie Santos

Fungi Couture


Fungi Couture is a digital- and bio- fabricated clothing collection, that took inspiration from the fungi kingdom by mimicing aesthetics – texture – design. Fungi Couture went on researching in digital fabrication methods to decode the aesthetics and propreties of mushrooms and translate them into garments. Focusing on techniques and possibilities given by digital- and computational design created new perception and perspective of ‘pattern making’ and ‘pattern manipulation’.All of the collection was made around sustainable approaches, either by biofabricated materials or second-hand – low impact fabrics for the garments.Fungi Couture wants to prove the possibilities of creating a wearable and aesthetically pleasing collection fabricated in digital-,computational-, and sustainable ways. 2.0 Fashion is here !

Final ProjectFabricademy 2018-2019  #3dprinting#lasercutting#biofabrication#digitalfabrication

Fungi Couture Video

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