Bela Rofe

Weaving Water

Weaving Water is an interwoven tapestry of algae and female human hair that aims to reconnect humans to the origin of our evolution, the sea. Weaving Water uses textile art as an agent to increase awareness about the connections between living systems. By entangling materials from the under-world (algae) with materials from the top-world (female human hair), the artwork presents a new material ecology that can help humans feel re-threaded to the natural order.

Bela believes that in the wake of resource depletion, there is an opportunity to co-create with, and learn from, the intelligence of these abundant bio-materials like algae and human hair. Through bio-fabrication techniques that reweave lost heritage and female craftswomanship, Weaving Water helps push traditional narratives into new speculative formats.

Final Project Fabricademy 2019-2020 | #biomaterial #algae #bioart #tapestry

Weaving Water Video

Fabricademy Documentation