Laura Caroline Flores


The project is the intersection of two different cultures that wants to create a space where second-generation children can feel at home. Being the daughter of Peruvian immigrants and growing up in Italy, Laura found inspiration in both cultures to bring her project to life. Nunace was materialised into a garment using interlocking laser cut modules, the fabric is made out of algae vegan bioplastics using natural pigments. Italian tradition was represented by the modules design, inspired by the ornamental, pictorial and textile decorations of the Renaissance period.

The colours used for the biomaterials are sourced from minerals pigments found in the “Montaña de Siete Colores” in Peru and the pattern design of the garment is also a reference to latin origins. Nuance is Laura’s own interpretation of a “manta”, a wrapped fabric used to carry children close to the mom’s body. The modules of this garment can be rearranged, giving the possibility for everyone to design and make their own space using the modules and colours they feel most represented by.

In each module, layer, color, a different Nuance to reflect upon what the sense of belonging and feeling safe mean.

Final Project Fabricademy 2021-2022 | #biomaterial #digitalfabrication #lasercut #modules”

Nuance Video

Fabricademy Documentation